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We understand that navigating the job search can be an overwhelming task. From crafting a stellar resume to successful interviews, we offer a range of services to bolster your success. Let us help you find the perfect job, perfect your application documents and develop strong interview skills – all to gain confidence in your dream future role.

Check out our extensive job listings with exciting opportunities in a variety of industries! We work across a wide range of sectors with the best employers. We guarantee that you will find the perfect job for your skills and aspirations. Search by keyword, location or job title to start your journey to your dream career.

Unleash your potential! Our user-friendly careers job search site makes it easy to find your dream role. Filter by industry, location, job type or salary to determine your ideal parameters. With new positions added every day, you'll be at the forefront of the job market, ready to fill the perfect position for you.

Discover your hidden potential in front of the best employers! Upload your CV in seconds and unlock a world of stellar career opportunities. Our candidate search process matches your skills and experience with the latest job openings, increasing your chances of landing your dream job interview.

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With this recommendation, we would like to express our excellent impressions of working with
Your experts in the implementation of our joint project to provide an archiving service
of documents. This included performing an interim and final examination of
archival documents, indexing and classification of general administrative documentation,
accounting documentation and specialized documentation. When performing the tasks assigned
tasks were applied proven approaches and approved methodology by your experts,
which established your company as an expert provider of consulting services. The successful one
working together with you gives us reason to give a high rating for the quality of
service and the deadlines for completing the tasks on your part.

V.T., Manager, 2023

Every time your donation brings light to the darkest places. That's why we want to say - Thank you. Wherever we are, wherever there is a child in need, you are also there - our Benefactors. Thank you!

K.db., Manager, 2008-2023

This Reference is provided to SimRa Consulting Eastern Europe Ltd to demonstrate that in the performance of our Principal Agreement from 14.10.2019 to 30.04.2020 the Agency has performed and disseminated the following activities:
✔ Marketing test of the Bulgarian labor market for availability or suitable profiles of workers to our inquiry for their employment;
✔ Study of the Bulgarian labor market according to the Bulgarian labor legislation, regulating all activities of hiring Bulgarians abroad;
✔ Labor market analysis. Comparative analyzes between the A1 certificate for personnel employed by third parties and the so-called Blue card in Bulgaria;
✔ Selection of appropriate recruitment channels for initial selection;
✔ Recruitment advertising for applicants consistent with our company mission, vision and organizational culture, including compensation levels, applicants' future earnings and OH&S requirements;
✔ Candidate interviews and shortlisting.

R.R., CEO 2021

I met the CEO of SimRa CEE in early 2008 when I was looking for opportunities to change my job. She helped me start the company I run today. I was interviewed in detail about my experience and expectations. She did a psychological profile on me so I was ready to look for my career. Throughout, the atmosphere was very positive and supportive during all stages of the recruitment process. Knowing how professionally SimRa provides their services, I again approached them as CEO to fill a vacancy in the company I was running. Our relationship was good both as an employee and as an employer. I was offered a wide range of candidates suitable for the open position and it was not easy to choose one of them. All the time they supported me with additional information I asked about and helped me make the right choice.

Z.B., CEO, 2008

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